Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Choose your Surface wisely with Surface Pro promo code 2013!

Owning a tablet is often a pricey affair. And choosing one is undoubtedly tricky. Make sure you are making the right choice with Microsoft Surface Pro promo code.

Microsoft zoomed into tablet-space with Surface late last year. Sporting stellar features like the touch and type covers, dual LifeCams and an integrated kickstand, it was quick to gather a steady fan following as well. Most users claimed that they loved the satisfying “crunch” with which the covers attached to the Surface. And its thoughtful magnesium casing made it as durable as stylish – adding to the overall appeal.

While Surface was also priced competitively, one bone of contention was that the touch covers were a separate buy. Many held that being the very essence of the Surface experience these should have been part of the Surface bundle. Purchasing them separately made the entire experience a pricey affair. And that is where a Microsoft Surface promo code comes to the rescue.

With Surface promo code, you now get a touch or type cover free with Surface RT. Of course, you’ll need to know which Surface suits you best, before taking the plunge. Here are a few things to think about:
  1. Surface RT is somewhat lighter and thinner than the 13.5 mm, 2lbs Pro. It also has a longer battery life but if your scales are more biased towards processing speed and compatibility, then you must look out for a Surface Pro coupon.
  2. Surface Pro also runs the full Office suite while Surface RT is content with core apps – Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote.
  3. If you are content with apps – games, entertainment, news and travel etc. – from Windows Store, Surface RT should serve good. But if you need to run programs that you earlier used on Windows 7, then you need the Pro.
  4. Surface Pro has advanced features like the ability to connect to a corporate domain and use Remote Access, but if you just need to connect to your work email, Surface RT does a good job too.
  5. From the Security perspective, Microsoft Surface Pro coupon brings tighter security than Surface RT. Enabled with enhanced features like Group Policy, BitLocker and TPM etc., it comes across as a more secure machine than Surface RT.
  6. Surface RT is always connected, even when it is in standby mode, which keeps your apps always updated. With Surface Pro however, your connectivity is snapped when your tablet hibernates or enters sleep mode.
  7. Surface RT is available in 2 storage capacities – 32 GB and 64 GB. Surface Pro has stronger capacities at 64 and 128 GB options.
  8. Surface Pro also comes with a pen and pen digitizer, that allows you to add a personal touch to your presentations and do a lot more!
If you are a student, it would be prudent to keep a watch for any Surface Pro student discount, that could let you buy Surface Pro at a really economical academic price.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Surface Promo Code 2013 Get Discount with Free Shipping

Are you in full swing to buy Microsoft surface? Its amazing features and extraordinary capabilities have fancied you too? But you are not able to buy because it is going heavy on your pocket? Worry not because promo code for Microsoft surface will help you purchase your dream device. We have a plethora of options that can reduce the cost of Microsoft surface and bring it within your reach

To begin with you can use a windows surface promo code to make a buy. Are you thinking how will it help? It is explained here. When you purchase any Microsoft product with the help of Microsoft surface promotion code then you will get eligible for discount. The coupon code can be an alphanumeric code which when decoded will make you happy. Why? Because after decoding it shows the amount of discount it offers. The point is when you have to make purchase why not save money when you can? That’s why make sure you look for surface tablet promo code whenever you are about to buy surface. 

The price decided by Microsoft for the tablet surface is disappointing for many. The reason is, as there are other tablets in the market which are at much lower rates than the Surface. But can you compare surface with any other tablet? 

Think not.

Surface has been powered by Microsoft windows 8; the latest OS in the windows clan. The powerfully majestic windows 8 has completely changed the way Windows has ever worked for us. Starting with the home screen that has been modified the maximum, other changes will be observed with tabs and later screens.  The home screen has been made highly compatible to touch with most of the options being designed in such way. There are not many changes to be observed in the working process of windows8, though it has become faster and more stabilized.

If anyone is looking to buy a tablet at this stage the best would be to go for Microsoft surface. There are hundred and one supporting reason for it. To start with, this device has been designed with the best industry standards. The hardware specifications of surface beat any other tablet being served in this range. Going for the software, OS is definitely the most powerful and used friendly while memory and cache are on the high speed up the device. 

The only drawback with the surface would be its pricing. The launch price by Microsoft has been in the upper segment and thus made it out of reach for many. But that must not stop someone from buying surface. That’s why we have come with Microsoft surface coupon code that will exclusively allow our customers to avail more discounts.

Microsoft products come in various ranges and prices but one must be very precautions before buying them. Pirated products will force the owner to stop services and the system will fail to access anything. Thus make sure you buy the device with the help surface promo code offered by genuine traders. 

Click here for Surface Promo Codes with Free Shipping.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Surface Pro Tablet Promo Code 2013 from Microsoft Get Free Shipping

The arrival of the surface promo code has been a wonderful event for the users because they can access the wonderful features of the product which has recently been launched.  There are different types of codes which would go a long way in accomplishing the tasks without any hiccups. With promo code for Microsoft surface, one is assured of the amazing opportunities which are bundled along with the items.  The 25 digit code could be copied from the various internet websites and used in the Microsoft stores to provide wonderful results. Introduction of the windows surface promo code has helped the students to access the windows RT at a cheaper price as compared to the conventional mode. There are different types of features such as the aero shakes and the jumping lists allowing people to switch over topics in a seamless manner.

Surface Pro $899 only with Free Shipping. Shop now!

There is a steep 25% reduction in the prices that could be a boon for the majority of the people.  Free shipping is provided to the users if they access Microsoft surface promotion code.  The cover is an added accessory which could cost around 120$.  The 64 GB memory would go a long way in storing the information including the tremendous amount of audio visual content. The surface tablet promo code has been a revelation for the users who are quite mesmerized by the subsequent models of the windows in the market.  The tablet is far better than the Apple item in the same category. The inbuilt technology and the processor is sufficiently equipped to deal with the onslaught of the high end graphic games.

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Microsoft Surface Promo Code 2013 Best Price & Discount Deals

Microsoft claimed the spotlight this October, with its debut tablet Surface. Surface, also the flagship device for Windows 8, features the run time version of Microsoft’s new OS. To get your Surface cheap, stay tuned to Microsoft Surface promo code announcements.

While Surface Pro will be costlier than Surface RT, it will be able to run all your favorite apps, unlike Surface RT which can run only Windows Store apps. As of now, Surface RT is quite reasonably priced, with the basic 32 GB model, without Touch Cover, valued at $499.99. A Surface promo code on Black Friday may just bring down the figure by a few notches more. However, if apps are the deciding factor for you, it might be worthwhile to wait for the Pro version, before taking the plunge. Who knows – you may be lucky enough to land a Surface Tablet promo code on it, in time.

Surface RT $499 only with Free Shipping. Shop now!
 Surface itself is greater than the sum of its signature trio – the Click-in Touch and Type covers, the integrated kickstand and the dual Life Cams. It comes pre-loaded with Windows RT and Office 2013 Preview, Xbox apps and more. Enter the enthralling world of Surface, without breaking the bank, with Surface tablet promo code.

A protective VaporMg casing protects the intricate technology within, and makes Surface sturdy yet stylish. Equipped with a microSDXC card slot, HD video out port, a full size USB port and Bluetooth 4.0, Surface lets you connect seamlessly to external devices. Multiply family entertainment and store up to 128 GB of information. Dual 2X2 MIMO antennas help you speed connect to the internet, as well. Now experience Surface, for less, with promo code for Microsoft Surface.

The kickstand makes way for hands-free fun and makes the Surface akin to a stand-alone slate. When propped up on it, the rear Life Cam shoots straight, while the front-facing Life Cam allows you to Skype simultaneously with friends and family.

Surface with Windows RT runs Office 2013 preview. So, you get to operate the latest and most powerful editions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote. Plus you have access to Windows Mail and Messaging, SkyDrive, Internet Explorer 10, Bing, Xbox Music, Video and Games! Forget security challenges with Surface RT, for it features device encryption and comes with Windows Defender. Now get all this and more, with Surface promo code.
Surface also comes with a 1 year hardware warranty and 90 days of complimentary tech support. You can protect your Surface with a 2-year extended warranty and technical support, with Microsoft Complete for Surface, only for $99.

Microsoft Store online brings you several accessories to get your Surface up and running. Check for promo code Microsoft Surface on custom accessories like HD Digital AV Adapter or VGA Adapter, and stream movies, play video games, create, share and do lots more with Surface. Stay on-power always with the Surface 24W Power Supply, and jazz up your Surface with a Touch Cover color that reflects your attitude! Get all this at delightful discounts, only with Microsoft Surface promo code.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet Promo Code 2013

Get the Microsoft Surface Tablet with Windows 8 Pro at best price for only $899 with free shipping.

Surface RT, Microsoft’s debut tablet and launch-pad for new OS Windows 8, was released on October 26, 2012. Come 2013, Microsoft unveils its second tablet Surface Pro. So stay tuned for news on Surface Pro promo code and catch the Pro cheap.

Surface Pro with three revolutionary features – the keypad-cum-covers, the integrated kickstand and two front and rear facing LifeCams. The click-in keypads come in both touch and type modes, so you can suit your style and convenience. Plus, the touch pads also come in five eclectic shades that reflect your personality. With a Microsoft Surface Pro coupon code, you can enjoy all these features at a cut to marked price.

Microsoft Surface with Windows 8 Pro
Surface Pro $899 Only with Free Shipping
Dual cams allow you Skype with family on the front cam, shoot straight from the rear at once. The kickstand, makes Surface almost a regal machine that can be stationed on a desk or even on your lap and operated upon like a laptop. Experience convenience first-hand with Microsoft Surface Pro promotional code.

Functionally, the difference between Surface RT and Surface Pro is that Pro runs the full Office on Intel and RT runs a run time version on an ARM CPU. Pro can run desktop applications plus Windows store apps, while RT would run only Windows Store apps. Surface Pro comes with additional features of BitLocker drive encryption, Remote Desktop Connection, Active Directory, Hyper Client-V that make it more business-ready.

Pro comes with a sharper screen resolution, a pen and pen-input capacity, higher storage capacity, a more powerful battery and a USB 3.0 port. Likely, it comes with a much higher price tag as well. Get all this and more, for less – only with Microsoft Surface Pro promo code.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Microsoft Surface Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2012

Intelligent.  Sensible.  Stylish. Surface is the sum of all these and more. Catch it at an amazing low, only with Microsoft Surface promo code.

Surface, which runs Windows RT on an ARM processor, is out in three versions. They range between $499 and $699 and include both 32 and 64GB versions. Check online for  Microsoft Surface Black Friday Deals, for a cheaper Surface. The basic 32 GB Surface, without a touch cover, costs $100 less than its Apple parallel. Even if you go for the 32 GB version, with cover, you end up saving $20 on the touch cover. So pricewise, it does great, even without a Surface tablet promo code.

Surface flaunts a 10.6 inch screen - larger than iPad and most other mainstream tablets. This facilitates a perfect 16:9 aspect ratio at a 1,366x768 pixels screen resolution. Most movies and TV shows correspond to this aspect ratio. So, the black bars on the screen top and bottom are history. Even movies shot in Scope afford a better view in Surface than on the iPad. To experience the pleasure of HD, at better prices, check out promo code for Microsoft Surface.

Surface $499 Only with Free Shipping
Weighing a pound and a half, Surface isn’t much heavier than the iPad either. If it does seem a bit bulky, the kickstand compensates in functionality, what it adds to the bulk. Offering an inclination of about 10 degrees when propped up, the kickstand ensures you can use Surface comfortably on your lap. The rear LifeCam angled at approximately 22 degrees shoots straight when the kickstand is engaged, so you can capture life from all sides. Skype with your family on the front-facing LifeCam and shoot from the rear – Surface makes you an awesome multi-tasker, and with a promo code Microsoft Surface, all this comes incredibly cheap!

Surface clicks with its audience much because of the iconic Touch and Type covers that double up as keypads-cum- screen guards. Intelligently implemented, they ensure power saving and automatic keypad turn off when not in use. The colour choice that Touch covers afford adds some more zing to Surface’s style quotient. Defying gravity, your Surface will hang pretty securely, when held by the keypads, unless you put it to some crazy testing! So, stay on the prowl – Windows Surface promo code can get you all this at a delightfully low price.

Surface comes pre-loaded with Windows RT, Microsoft Office 2013 RT, Xbox apps and other essentials. So, zoom in on friends, news, entertainment and everything that matters, with Surface promo code. You may also add-on with Microsoft Complete for Surface at $99, for a 2 year extended warranty and technical support from Microsoft.

Another area where Surface scores over iPad is that with Windows 8, a lot of apps like weather, news, people etc. appear as LIVE tiles, so unlike the iPad, you needn’t click through individual apps for updates – they’re just there before you! With loads of brownie points to its credit, let’s hope Surface comes with a surprise Black Friday Surface promo code. Merry Christmas!